I'm a multimedia designer current studying at KEA. I pride myself on my broad knowledge on all forms of media, whether that be film, animation, web or social media.




During my spare time outside of school I am launching a web-series of my own called Thoughtanaut. The subject of which are the interesting tidbits of science and philosophy. I.E Paradoxes, Thought experiments etc. I developed it to show my social media and content creation skills.


Filming with KEA (Various)

After recognizing my talents for film in class, I am frequently called upon for film projects at KEA. It is paid work and often off-site. I am responsible for the entirety of the film making process including capturing


Greenpeace assignment

One of my best pieces of work came from the inspiring Greenpeace campaign, where two representitives from Greenpeace came to KEA for help with reaching a younger generation, we were challenged with researching and developing a web-app and social media campaign aimed towards millenials.

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