Lewis Burtt-Smith
Digital Concept Developer


Drum CPH


Filming with KEA


Greenpeace Project


Randoms Project


Fairtrade Project

Finding unique ways to tell a story

Lewis Burtt-Smith moved to Copenhagen from Portsmouth, UK. He studied Film and Television at South Downs College and proceeded to put these skills towards a practical environment. Passionate about digital innovation, the move to Denmark was a natural fit. Lewis currently works as a Bartender for Lusso. In his free time, Lewis likes to train Judo at a local club. He also runs a youtube channel where he is currently working on a web-series thoughtanaut.

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As a side project I am launching a web-series of my own called Thoughtanaut. The subject of which are the interesting tidbits of science and philosophy. I developed it to show my social media and content creation skills.

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Drum Portfolio

Whilst working for DrumCPH I've produced video content for leading brands like Volkswagen, Mcdonalds and Dortios. Since leaving they have outsourced me for additional video projects as a freelancer.

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Filming with KEA (Various)

As a student helper, I produced films for KEA, Nordic Entrepreneurship Hubs and Material Design Labs. I was responsible for the entirety of the filmmaking process, including ideation and planning.

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Greenpeace assignment

Two representitives from Greenpeace came to KEA for help with reaching a younger generation, we were challenged with researching and developing a web-app and social media campaign aimed towards millenials.

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Randoms assignment

Rowntree were launching a new product in Denmark after its success in a UK market, we were tasked with creating a campaign to benefit the the newly released candy, Randoms.

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Fairtrade assignment

Fairtrade wanted us to remedy their problem area; young realist engagement. Like the similar ethical choice of Free Range vs Caged Hens, we needed to pursuade this target group that the cost is negligable when the cause is so great.

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