I have been thoroughly challenged during the duration of this assignment, i've overcomplicated many basic tasks just to achieve exactly my mockup, most people have changed their mockups to make their final product easier, I have stayed true to my original design and I feel i have taken a lot more from this experience for doing that. After all, a client isn't going to be very happy if I just change their design because i can't do it.

One of the main things which has been troublesome to overcome is the organization of different classes/elements. I could have simply have made my buttons out of jpg images which have url linking properties however to achieve SEO maximized and fully meta-tagged page I chose to create the elements myself. Interestingly the vector image import was anticipated to be the hardest part of the website, when infact it remained the easiest.

My major difficulty was with animation, firstly making the mistake of my file being located in the wrong directory I endured to have an animation on my landing page. The way that I got my animation to work was by luck, apparently adding a margin of 25% and ONLY 25% will make it so that my animation can work properly. Evidently this is due to an error in my method but I will accept this as a victory for a first website. See below 2 screen dumps of my troubleshooting for the "cloud" animation.


I have quite a few hobbies, one of these hobbies is to travel, but particularly learning a new language. Travel is not just about taking pretty pictures and posting them on social networks, or spending a week in a 5-star all-inclusive resort. Learning a foreign language, even as little as a handful of phrases, will make these travel experiences so much better, and I speak from experience when I say this. Not only will the knowledge of the language the locals speak result in warm smiles and invitations for drinks, it might bring you opportunities that you’d never thought you could achieve. Best of all, it will enrich your life by offering you a deeper understanding of the culture and history of the people you’ll encounter.

This hobby benefits me in more than just a recreational way. We live in an increasingly globalized world and companies are growing and dealing with clients from all over the world. Between two candidates with the exact same skill set and experience, the person who is bilingual is expected to have a greater chance at getting the same job.


Lewis Burtt-Smith

Personal Statement

I'm a hardworking Copenhagen based student recently accepted at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. My two main attributes are my devotion to learning, to better myself on not only my weaknesses but also my strengths. Secondly is my dedication and passion I show towards everything I do, I'm incredibly interested in the Media Industry and I am willing to prove it. I'm also computer proficient and a fast learner with technology after studying a three year course in ICT. I am also a UK Driver License holder.


South Downs College (2013-2015)

Cowpain Community School (2008-2013)

Areas of Expertise


Home Bargains

My work at Home Bargains was not particularly complicated; it involved stacking shelves and presenting products in an attractive way, it was however very physically and mentally challenging. Until recently I did not have a driving license, I would need to leave my house by bike at 06:30 to arrive at 06:50, ten minutes before my shift started. I did not have any other means of travelling so this would happen regardless of weather or energy. I would then undergo physical work in the warehouse for between 7-12 hours before returning home by bike, five days a week. This shows that I am a hardworking employee, industry ready for early starts and the dedication to turn up to get the job done. I am yet to take a day off for sickness, or turn up to a shift late. I am in charge of my own aisle, which must be maintained and tidied at the start and end of a shift.


I worked as a Customer Advisor in Argos during the busiest time of the year for the company. I had a handful of duties including; fetching products using the headset system, operating the tills and working on collection delivering the product to the customer in a friendly and memorable way. However one of my primary roles was in sales, due to previous success with sales I was put on the shop floor frequently to introduce credit schemes and insurance policies to the customer, I was the first line to securing the sale for the company and making the customer feel welcome.

Wedding Photography

I also have experience in paid freelance wedding photography. I found weddings can be incredibly stressful to capture as if you miss anything on the day there is not another chance to re-capture the images, this means a wedding photographer must use their initiative to solve problems under pressure. It is also important to shine positively and create a relationship with all of the guests of the wedding so that you do not bring down the mood and ruin a very important night. I have made many new friends from the experience and it delights me to hear they are very pleased with my attitude and service I provided.

EADS Astrium

During my work experience I took a placement at EADS Astrium Satellite Testing Facility, I spent two weeks in an office environment for full time hours and undertook tasks which was at graduate level technicality at ease. I had learned a variety of skills regarding networking and data planning during these two weeks, but more importantly I learned about working in a team and striving to complete a small project.

Extra Curricular